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  • Outsourcing of variuos ‘non-core’ function has proven to give companies more time to ficus on their ‘core’ business. Outsourcing has become a ‘trend’ and an important element to be considered towards the tight competition area.
  • Our outsourcing Services aims to accommodate the needs of investors by providing qualified human resource to be assigned at various manufacturing and services industries


Major Benefits on using Outsourcing :

  • Hassle free service : no recruitment process
  • Cost and time saving : no recruitment fee or travel expenses, no selection process and medically fit staffs
  • No long term obligation and liabilities as we are the employer of the staffs
  • Flexible to suit staffing needs
  • Direct and fast delivery
  • Minimum industrial case : termination, abscond, sickness and union issues
  • Minimum administration headaches : payroll and admin process
  • Minimum concern with the requirements of manpower regulations



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