Seven rules for networking success

Think networking means breaking out the address book and calling everyone you know to beg them for a job? You’re not alone. This is why job seekers often associate networking with being pushy, overbearing, and an overall pest. But research shows that 70-80% of all jobs are filled through networking. How can this be so if networkers are such an annoying, self-serving lot? Well, because they aren’t!

Five ways for branding yourself online, fast

If you haven’t figured out that you are being Googled in your job search just as frequently as you are Googling your business contacts, then it is time to enter the world of modern career management. Whether you want to or not, you must develop and maintain some kind of professional online profile and recognize that people are forming opinions about you based on what they find after typing your name into a search engine.

Five tips on how to ask more

Many people that I meet don’t have a strategy for negotiating their compensation. They come to me after years of being behind their profession’s salary curve and need direction on how to make immediate change. Earning less than colleagues with similar, or lesser, skills and experience can certainly be frustrating. Here are a few tips for improving the quality of your salary negotiation conversation and the ensuing final offer in your next position.

Creating Conversation In the Interview

I am often accused, and guilty, of talking too much. In fact, my wife will tell people that I can call a wrong number and talk for 20 minutes! In business, however, a key element to success is knowing when to talk and when to keep quiet. 

Avoiding the "too old" stigma in your executive search service

It has to be startling news to an executive jobseeker to learn that age discrimination activities can creep into your career as early as the age of 40. Although there are employment laws to protect jobseekers who are 40+, age discrimination practices in your career development and employment procedures still occur more often that not. Here are some real, proven strategies that you can apply in your executive job search campaign.


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